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Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Sable Maze: Twelve Fears game
Sable Maze: Twelve Fears
Confront your fears...
Karma game
Overcome mind bending puzzles in a surreal world!
Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light game
Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light
Solve riddles of light to stop an ancient evil!

Free match game downloads by popularity reverse

Here you can find and download for free the best and least popular match games, such as Undiscovered, Sprill, Downbeat, Danse Macabre: Curse of the Banshee Collector's Edition, Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium, and more.

Undiscovered game
Match game 118 MB
Undiscovered (Puzzle games)
January 29, 2014
A hidden-object, adventure, building and matching game set on a mysterious Island chain! more…
Sprill game
Match game 18 MB
Sprill (Arcade games)
November 30, -0001
Strap into your mini-sub and dive in to a marble-popping adventure! Earn powerful upgrades as you enjoy jaw-dropping graphics! more…
Downbeat game
Match game 19 MB
November 30, -0001
Play the role of a hip 80s Disc Jockey and match the beats of popular hit songs to keep the dance floors full and music pumping. more…
Danse Macabre: Curse of the Banshee Collector's Edition game
Match game 562 MB
Danse Macabre: Curse of the Banshee Collector's Edition
July 22, 2017
Can you uncover who’s after your dance troupe? more…
Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium game
Match game 79 MB
Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium (Diner games)
November 30, -0001
Help the Locas capture zombies while traveling the globe. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have in a funeral parlor! more…
Age of Mahjong game
Match game 133 MB
Age of Mahjong (Strategy games)
November 30, -0001
Tile-matching gets an epic makeover in Age of Mahjong! more…
Enchanted Cavern 2 game
Match game 74 MB
Enchanted Cavern 2 (Puzzle games)
November 30, -0001
Return to the Enchanted Cavern in this fantastic Match 3 game! Clear the colored jewels as quickly as you can! more…
Claws & Feathers 2 game
Match game 195 MB
Claws & Feathers 2 (Puzzle games)
July 21, 2015
Match birds across dozens of levels to reach a legendary artifact! more…
Fruit Fall game
Fruit Fall (Puzzle games)
November 14, 2006
Match the fruit by turning the grid in this fruit-tastic new puzzle experience! We guarantee you'll keep coming back for just one more try...
Serpengo game
Serpengo (Puzzle games)
February 14, 2006
Ka-pow! Match colored balls as you enjoy this explosive action-puzzle game! Play puzzle mode, race mode or arcade mode!

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